What Can We Learn from Netflix’s Sex Education

What Can We Learn from Netflix’s Sex Education

Who says we can’t learn from a Netflix series?

I’m kind of a person who tries to learn from anything. This time, it’s Netflix! I watched Sex Education because some of my following on Instagram posted it on their instagram stories. Netflix also recommended this series to me, so why not. I decided to watch this series around two weeks before I start writing this.

The first episode in the first season is pretty shocking though. It was when Aimee Gibss had intercourse with Adam, but Adam couldn’t ‘coming’. Well, every episode starts with a similar scene. So, every time I watch Sex Education, I will always wear my headphone because I don’t want anyone to hear when they are moaning while having intercourse. hahaha! That could be weird if they thought I am watching porn.

The theme of this series is drama, romance, sex, and comedy. The sex rating of this series is 18. If you are below 18, I do not suggest you watch this because there are a lot of nude and sex scenes. Even if you feel cringe reading this post, you probably would not like the series.

Yet, for me, I learn a lot from this movie. Here is the list:

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