17 Western Songs Banned in West Java. Really?​

17 Western Songs Banned in West Java. Really?​

Indonesian regional broadcasting commission (IRBC) in West Java restricted 17 western songs. It is not completely banned, but it can only be played between 10pm and 3am. Songs such as ‘That’s what I like’ and ‘Versace on the floor’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Dusk till down’ by my baby Zayn were considered pornographic.

On his Instagram, Ridwan Kamil, the governor of West Java, explained that (1) internet is not IRBC’s authority, so they only authorize radio and TV station; (2) IRBC is an independent institution, it is not under the government rule; (3) IRBC is not totally banned the songs but only limit it and it based on public complaints; (4) on 2016, IRBC banned several dangdut songs too; (5) this year IRBC banned 17 western songs because it has ‘adult content’; (6) those songs can only be played between 10pm and 3am; (7) West Java government committed to strengthen character education; (8) West Java government also committed to appreciating artwork and creativity.

I read in comment section that the majority of people disagree with the regulation. They thought the rule is useless since kids and teenagers still could access the songs on internet and music player such us spotify and apple music. They also commented about films and sopa opera that airing in the TV now are uneducated, as well as some Indonesian pop songs and dangdut songs. In the point (7), it said that West Java government wants to enhance the character education, but how about the Indonesian films and songs itself?

So, does such rule really necessary?

I live in East Java and we do not have such a rule here but in my opinion, the regulation is so unnecessary. I made a poll on Instagram if banning the songs could restrict negative foreign influences. It is been for 23 hours. 6/45 vote yes, while 39/45 vote no. Those who voted are Indonesians who came from different countries. There were few non-Indonesians too and all of them vote for no. The poll was seen by 260 people though, I wonder why the rest did not vot. I vote for no.

For the six people who voted yes, I respect your opinion, because I get it. Years ago when I taught primary students on a private institution, a student of mine played ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ by Rihanna. It was cringe. I usually let the students played songs whatever they like on break, yet I did not expect that the kind of song that she played and liked was that one. While the other students would sing The Script, she sang Bitch better have my money ~

However, I reckon that restricting the songs is a win-win solution. I’m sorry but I see it pointless. Kids and adolescents still could access the music on the internet of music player, that’s first. Second, the government could not make such regulation because not all of the listeners are children under age. And I don’t see the point restricting the song would make us be the citizen with such character education.

But I have been thinking some solutions to those who concern about that ‘adult topic’ and ‘pornographic’ songs.

To the parents who have kids, you should not play music whatever you like. Because you have kids. I know it sucks, and I imagine myself not to listen to my playlist and change it into kids playlist. But this is for the sake of your kids. Surround them with the kids’ song. I know it is too bad that Indonesia does not have many kids songs, as far as I know. Kids nowadays still sing the songs I would sing when I was in kinder. 20 years ago. Imagine. But there is a bunch of western Kids song. You know what to do.

If your children grow up and they already have their own access to the internet, you should make the talk and be open. I think some parents just say do not do this and that without saying why. I think it is important to give them an explanation of why some songs should not be listened to, and give them other options. You can’t just say no to the millennials.

Then, I would like to comment about what-so-called negative foreign influences because there is not such a thing. There is no bad culture. We should not judge other people culture or western culture have bad influences if it is not under our value. That’s how the way they do. So are we. We have our own value. We want to be respected, and so are they. When I read on the media that one of the reasons IRBC restricting some songs is because of ‘the negative foreign influences,’ as an Indonesia who lives in Australia, I feel bad. I feel bad because I imagine myself if other people say things about Indonesian value that it is terrible, I would be irritated.

Anyway, why do we have always focus on the negative ones. Why don’t we focus on things that we can see it as an example such as being punctual, use less plastic, and put the trash in the trash bin? 🙊

So that’s all I wanna say. I do not know for how long the regulation would last and how strict it is. I’ve seen on my friend’s Instagram story that there was still a radio that played the banned song at noon. If there is no fine for those that violate the rule, the rule would be 100% completely pointless.

That’s a wrap! Bye peeps!

2 thoughts on “17 Western Songs Banned in West Java. Really?​

  1. Kids nowadays can access almost anything. Perhaps the way they act is too old fashion. But I think it’s better than nothing.


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