Sydney Trip: Where to Go (Part 1)

Sydney Trip: Where to Go (Part 1)

Back in early 2018, my mates –Rini and Andika– and I had a Sydney trip. I think that was the farthest, the longest, and one of the fantastic journeys I had this year. We experienced tremendous and sad things during the trip.

Now I am going to tell some places we visited. I will rate the site 1 to 10, according to my personal preferences. So you can add it to your bucket list and visit it when you are in Sydney πŸ™‚ 

First of all, the itinerary schedule was made by Rini. It was super detail. She included the time, the destination, and even how to get there. Hail to Rini!

In the first day, we meant to go to Hyde Park, St’s Mary Catedral, and Art Gallery of NSW. But we spent too much time in the park, so by the time we wanted to go to the art gallery, it is already closed. We went to the art gallery the next day. Anyway, all of the photos were taken from my phone, unless stated the otherwise! πŸ™‚

There are nine places I mentioned here, randomly chosen from day 1 to 5. The other places we visited will be available in the second post.

1.Hyde Park

I rated the park 8/10. I think it was just an ordinary park, just like parks in Melbourne. I hated that I could not find any water fountain in this park. The only attractions in this park were the cathedral, the flowers in front of the cathedral, and the statues.

Me in front of the catedral
Catedral view at sunset
Hyde Park; view at night. Taken by Andika.

2. Art Gallery of NSW

Unfortunately, I lost some photos 😦 I did take some pictures inside the museum, but I could not upload it here since it lost. I rate this art gallery 7.5/10 because I still fond of NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) in Melbourne CBD. In fact, NGV always installed different things each season. For example, they installed modern art gallery last season.

Yet, since the Art Gallery of NSW is free, you can give it a go! You might like it.

3. Mainly beach

I rate this beach from 7.5 to 8. It was beautiful because it was sunny, but I didn’t see and feel anything good other than that. Compare to Portsea, well, it is not apple to apple though. Yet, still, give a shot. You might like this beach as well because it is pretty well-known.

I don’t even have a good picture in this beach, so, sorry pal. No pics.

4. Sydney Opera House

Who doesn’t know Sydney Opera House? I think it is a must-visit place and a place that people do not want to miss out. I rate Sydney Opera House 10/10, although I failed taking photos with the opera house. 

Foto siang-siang, terlalu bright akunya.
Foto malam-malam, gagal.
Inside the opera house

5. Mrs Macquaries Rd and Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

It is located near the opera house. I rate this 9 because I love the scenery and it was such a place to chill. And when I was there, the sky was pink! It was the most beautiful sky I have ever seen in my entire life. I didn’t even have to edit the photo because I usually did.

6. Sydney Bridge

I rate this place 10/10! Just because I got a bunch of beautiful pictures here. And I think not so much of people took photos here.

Just look at the sky and see how peacefully it is.

7. Blue Mountains

This place is obviously 10/10! If you are planning to go to Sydney, do not miss out this place!

8. University of Sydney

I love the buildings there because it was so ancient and pretty, so I rate it 9.5. I do not rate it 10 because it is not my uni — peace out. But I’m keen to study here, InsyaAllah, for PhD.

Anyway, I witnessed a wedding ceremony there and some Indian people making movies. 

9. Cockatoo Island

I love this place! I rate this place out of 10! If you love a historical place and a place that have ‘horror’ vibe, you might love this place too. Basically, Cockatoo Island is a place where convicts stayed. I do not know the whole history, but you know you always do your research on google.

So that was some places that I go. Overall, I really love Blue Mountain and Cockatoo Island. There were other places that I visited too besides those that I mentioned here. See you in the next post. Cheers.

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