Foo Fighters Concert at Etihad Stadium Melbourne

Foo Fighters Concert at Etihad Stadium Melbourne

Yesterday, January 30th, was one of the best days of my life!

It was the very first time I went to a concert, and it was a rock concert! It was Foo fighters! For those who don’t know Foo Fighters, it is a band from the US. The vocalist, Dave Grohl, was a drummer at Nirvana band before it dispersed. I think it’s been ten years since the suicide of Kurt Cobain. You know, attending this concert reminded me a lot of Nirvana too. If Kurt Cobain didn’t attempt suicide, I bet he would be a legend.

I came to the concert with Cha. She is from Bangladesh. I bought the ticket last year. Apparently, we have the same taste in music, and I’m so glad that I finally we decided to go to Foo Fighters.

The gate opened at 4 pm, started by The Weezer band, and the Foo Fighters band would be started at 7 pm. We agreed that we didn’t want to miss anything, so we went from Clayton station at 3 pm. We hop off at Southern Cross station, and just need to walk around 10 minutes to Etihad stadium. It wasn’t really crowded. I read the news here that Foo Fighters fans angry over long queues at Etihad stadium. Mate, if you don’t want to wait at the long lines, come earlier!

Anyway, what an experience!

My ticket was seating ticket, yet actually, I really wanted to stand and got closer to Dave, jumped and screamed together. It would be fun. But then, I was thinking again, I should be grateful that I chose seating than standing ticket because I’m small, short and small. I might be caught among drunk and tall people over there, haha.

I sit among Caucasians (Indonesian calls Caucasians as Bules). Not a lot of Asians there, said Cha. And I might be the only girl with hijab here, I sad to her. She laughed. The Caucasians around us were hardcore fans of Foo Fighters. They remember all songs Dave played. I’m not. I like Foo, but not as much as I love Paramore.

Paramore held a concert at Melbourne on February 8th. I wish I could come, but I’m in Sidney right now. I wish I can go to another Paramore concert or another rock band concert like Bring Me The Horizon. It will be fun!

That’s a wrap. See you later.

5 thoughts on “Foo Fighters Concert at Etihad Stadium Melbourne

  1. What an experience. It must be cool to see how Dave Grohl and the gang singing Pretender, Walk, or the latest one, Run. I’m not a fan of them anyway. But i like their kind of music.

    Wish you luck Gadis, hope you can attend the Paramore concert next time.

    (Sorry for my english anyway) 😂

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