This what I’ve been doing for weeks.
Something I feel like, what the f*. There is no one to be asked for about this theories, about the method, the matrix, and what-so-ever. The only one senior who took this method was graduated, so then I’m on my own.

It’s okay. Just like Ms. Lia said that the wheels always spinning, sometimes up sometimes down, what’s your priority, is it worth it, and everything she said on TPW class. It is always encouraging us.

And Ms. Peptia who always encourages me too. Haha, OMG, I have not touch my chapter 4, yet. I just finished decoding my matrix. And I always feeling guilty if I break my own target.

Ms. Devinta, thank you for saying that I will finish “it” soon. It is really meant for me.

Mooooom, who always fussy that I shouldn’t drink coffee and I shouldn’t awake till late night.

sometimes I’m so overwhelmed, but after all, everything seems impossible until it is done right? 🙂



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