Rules are Meant to be Broken

I took this photo few weeks ago, when my little brother had a karate examination from green belt to blue.The examination held in Gajayana Stadium. Usually, Arema -a football club from Malang, Indonesia- practices there. And I have met Gonzales, the handsome Juan Revi, and others. :hoho

Anyway, because of the field is a football field, and it seems like the treatment of the grass is difficult and expensive, the committee set a warning board on the edge of the field. It was written that we are not allow to pass through the grass field. The warning board is very clear. So, we have to walk around the field instead of walk on the field.

However, it turns out that rules are meant to be broken. They walk on the grass field. I wonder with these people. Are they can’t read the rules? Aren’t they so stupid or what. They are so pathetic, and the rules are very simple anyway. Right?

I know sometimes it is very tempting to break the rules, but the more we grew up, the more we have to be smarter and wise. We have to respect that rules, because it must be made because of some reasons and cautions. Disobeying the rules because of your own sake is consider as selfish.

That’s it. I can’t say no more.


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