Baby, Baby | First 50 Words

“All she wants is for me to have a baby. She doesn’t even notice that I’m with you when we visit and not a man. Baby, baby, baby. It’s all she talks about.” I shook my head.

“Look, she’s your mom. You need to visit.” She put her hand on my shoulder. It was calming and comforting. “Maybe this time you can come out to her. It might make her stop talking about babies.”

I was thinking of her words, then said, “Yes, she is my mom, but if she is really want a baby, then why she doesn’t go all the way.”

She laughed and pinch my waist, “You are ridiculous. She is get on in years.”

I just smile and fall silent, and then she asked, “What is wrong with you and babies? I want a baby too, you know. Our family wouldn’t be a perfect one without a baby.”

I kiss her and said, “Someday, we will, but not now.”

Written for:
First 50 Words – Prompts for Writing Practice


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