Ignis Fatuus*

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

The barista shook his head.

That hedge could not have moved closer overnight. Could it? Wait, is there anyone knew if I buried the body there?

Amalia peeked it from behind the window. Ah, it seemed safe.

“Double espresso, please?

“Right away, sir.”

“Where’s Paul? I’ve never seen him lately?”

“I do not know, he just .. gone.”

“Is he? He is your fiance, isn’t he?”

“Yeah … Here, enjoy you coffee.” she said it calmly, although her heart is tremble.

Paul abused me, he deserved to be killed!

Then, it was 11 pm and Amalia locked the cafe door. She turned around and stared at the hedge. Suddenly, the hedge moved and a creature arise ..

“Paul? Paul! No, no, no! Don’t touch me! Don’t! 
I can explain, no ..!”


Amalia shoot the creature.

Afterwards, the police came and handcuffed her. Apparently, she shot her own father who tried to hug her.


Written for: Monday’s Finish the Story. The prompts were the first bold sentences and the also picture.

*Ignis Fatuus is something that misleads or deludes or an illusion.


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