the chaotic days, so here i am

the chaotic days, so here i am

Me. Here. Alone in middle of people. I’m tired and I want to sleep.

I just slept for about 3 hours last night. I slept at 1.45 AM and woke up at 5.00 AM. It didn’t mean that I want it all, but last night was the deathlline deadline of submitting my notion paper (PKM-GT). Actually it was not mine only, I have a team that consist of 4 people. I felt confidence and was thinking that we are going to win, because my supervisor very supporting us. Beside that, our paper had a level of high curiosity. Such a good vibe. We should uploaded it in simlitabmas last night, but we couldn’t made it till the time is up. It was 11.00 PM. We failed because my leader group didn’t fulfill the data about researcher’s bio. She said she didn’t know anything about it. It was 11.30 when I ask her to fulfill that data, but she couldn’t make it because her mobile data was lame. When I still found out about how to upload it, I saw the clock and it was 00.06 AM. My body was languid all of sudden. I’m petrified.

Maybe we should finished our paper the day before the deadline, so we could make it and upload it. We have been working hard on it, we have been doint it for weeks, so is it useless? I just don’t want to stop on this. No. After all this time. So, I and I-chan who slept over in my house, went to our supervisor and we told her what we have been trough. Fortunately, we met her in the parking lot, when we were going to her office. She said,

‘Aduh, sayang sekali ya, padahal kalian yang saya jagokan dari yang ketiga kelompok itu.’

‘Mau gimana lagi?’

‘Mungkin karena itu servernya, kan banyak yang upload waktu itu.’

‘Ya bismillah ya. semoga akademik bisa bantu kan Indonesia bisa lah ya kalau atur-atur masalah beginian.’

And no matter how hard we try, we still couldn’t make it.

Although we failed, at least I and I-chan got a job from our supervisor. I don’t know wheter it was a coincidence, or our supervisor was looking for  employees, or she felt pity on us. Hahah! Well, at least I got a job. Yey! And she kinda promising to us about make us being her assistant.

Bismillah Ya Allah ..

Sampoerna Corner,

Universitas Brawijaya,

16:54 01/04/15

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